Giỏ hàng

Open letter

First of all, we would like to extend our wishes for health and success to esteemed partners. We are one of the leading companies in consultancy, architectural designing, interior designing and construction to give customers a complete package of solutions from consulting, designing to constructing and interior & exterior installing about restaurants, hotels, offices, dental clinics, beauty salons….

From the needs of customers, coming with a wealth of experience, skills and dedication from engineers, architects and construction teams, HIKARI is always confident to bring the best services, high quality and environmentally friendly products to bring customer satisfaction.

We know that every client's project is their dedication, effort, and great expectation. Therefore, we always try our best to create unique, high quality and durable products to make a comfortable, safe and luxurious space that aim to contribute to the creation of the city landscape to be more increasingly beautiful and healthier.

Moreover, with the motto of always aiming to use energy-saving devices, renewable energy sources, avoid wasting resources and harm to the environment, we want to serve our customers with their requirements are more and more higher and harder at any time. And we are determined to improve each day to always bring satisfaction for our customers.

Sincerely thank you!